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Why Join the CPA

Regardless of the reason for competing-- be it as a career, motivation, confidence, competitive spirit, wellness, recognition, friendship or pride--the CPA offers the most credible and greatest opportunity to be recognized. The ability to compete and obtain an IFBB Pro Card at CPA National Pro Qualifiers, the North American Championships, the Arnold Amateur Classic or the Amateur Olympia starts here at the Canadian Physique Alliance. Once our athletes achieve their IFBB Pro status they can compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow, the Vancouver Pro Show, the Westcoast Iron Vancity Showdown Pro and the Vancouver Island Showdown Pro, Pro Shows held in the USA and worldwide; the Ben Weider Naturals Pro Show held in Virginia, USA, by invitation the Arnold Classic, and by qualification the one and only Joe Weider’s Olympia in Las Vegas.

We encourage you to do your due diligence and the road will surely lead you to the Canadian Physique Alliance.


The CPA is a community of amateur athletes who compete in Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique, Men’s & Women’s Physique; Figure, Wellness, Fitness and Bikini categories, with support from CPA promoters, judges and officials, ambassadors, IFBB Pro League professionals, trainers, fitness enthusiasts and volunteers. We are expecting 5,000+ members annually and will be holding over 60 competitions in Canada yearly. Our competitions will be held across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Fair and Honest Judging

The Canadian Physique Alliance will ensure fair and honest judging by respected and experienced professionals who have met the highest standard of testing criteria.

Drug Testing

The CPA also offers Natural competitions, with random drug testing facilitated by Dynacare via SAMHSA-certified IITF laboratory. There are 20+ natural competitions and a Natural Pro Qualifier in Canada. For further information on our Anti-Doping Policy and Procedures, please go to the Drug Testing tab on our webpage.

Prohibited list information -
Accredited Laboratory for the CPA –

Internationally Recognized

The Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) was recently sanctioned nationally by the IFBB Professional League who are the most recognized and respected professional bodybuilding and fitness organization in the world.

Magazine Coverage

Leading Canadian bodybuilding and fitness magazines including Muscle Insider, Inside Fitness and Muscle Memory and are exclusive to the promotion CPA competitors.

Our History

2017 - The OPA was asked to become the governing force for the sport of bodybuilding in Canada by the IFBB Pro League. The OPA became the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA)

Our History

2012 - Men’s Physique and Women's Physique were introduced. Children’s Fitness was also introduced only in Ontario.
2015 - Men's Classic Physique was introduced.

Our History

2003 - Figure was introduced.
2009 - The Bikini category was introduced.

Our History

1990 - Back in the early 90’s, Mixed Couples was very popular. It was reintroduced in 2014.
1992 - The OPA introduced Natural Shows that follow the WADA guidelines.
1996 - Women’s Fitness was introduced.
1998 - Ron Hache became President of the Association. Name change to the Ontario Physique Association.

Our History

1984 - Colbert Piggott became President of the Association.
1986 - Bill Bird became President of the Association.
1988 - Mark Baker became President of the Association. Name changed to BodyBuilding Ontario.
1989 - Changed its name to Body Building Association of Ontario.

Our History

1974 - Bill Warren and Chester McClean established the Ontario Amateur Federation of Bodybuilders. When the Federation was established there was only Men’s Bodybuilding.
1977 - Chester McClean became President of the Association. Name changed to the Ontario Amateur Bodybuilding Association.
1979 - Women began to compete in Bodybuilding.